Monday, August 6, 2007

New Documentary About Warner Bros. Seeks Distributor

A new documentary about the founding of Warner Bros. has just been finished and now it needs a distributor. Any ideas? Funny, I would have figured the WB itself would be interested in something like this, at least via Warner Independent Pictures, but apparently it isn't that easy. Could it be the doc features negative info about the studio? I doubt this, considering the film was directed by Cass Warner, grand-daughter of Harry Warner (and mother of actor Cole Hauser; daughter of Oscar-nominated producer Milton Sperling). Also, Eliza Steel, grand-daughter of Albert Warner, was an associate producer on the project. Certainly neither would include bad stuff about their family and the movie studio they started. From the sound of it, the doc, titled The Brothers Warner, is simply about the legacy of Harry, Albert, Jack and Sam. Among its interviewees are Dennis Hopper, Norman Lear, Morgan Spurlock and surviving members of the Warner family; the film also features an exclusive audio interview with Ronald Reagan.

I guess there could be some negative things said about today's Warner Bros. or about today's Hollywood in general. The film's co-writer and producer is Eddie Schmidt, usual partner to Kirby Dick, with whom he made This Film is Not Yet Rated and the Oscar-nominated Twist of Faith. So, like the former film, this could offer a controversial look at the movie business. However, I still think the WB should put this out themselves rather than give people the impression the studio has problems with it. Cass Warner actually started a new production company called Warner Sisters for this film, and it would be neat to see the header "Warner Bros. and Warner Sisters Presents ... " Between the recent docs The Kid Stays in the Picture and The Last Mogul, there's obviously some interest in films about film moguls, and both whet my appetite for something just like The Brothers Warner. Hopefully, the WB will get smart soon and put this out.