Wednesday, October 22, 2008


FYI, here's Frazier Moore's AP column which leads off with THE BROTHERS WARNER. This runs in papers and on websites nationwide:

TV Lookout: highlights for Sept. 21-Sept. 27By FRAZIER MOORE-AP Television WriterThursday, September 18, 2008 7:23 AM
Nowadays, the name "Warner" emblazoning that media conglomerate means plenty. Affixed to movie and TV productions, "Warner Bros." is a powerful brand.
But who were those Warner brothers anyway? And what role did they play in the history of entertainment, beyond that as an enduring label?
PBS' "American Masters" presents a tidy crash course in Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack in "The Brothers Warner," a one-hour documentary airing 10 p.m. EDT Thursday (check local listings).
This informative film -- narrated by filmmaker-author Cass Warner Sperling (Harry Warner's granddaughter) -- serves as a useful coda to a more expansive look at the Warner Bros. Studio and the progressive vision it epitomized: the five-hour "American Masters" miniseries "You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story."
Filmmaker and film critic Richard Schickel is the director-writer-producer, and Clint Eastwood the executive producer and narrator of this epic look at cinema and four remarkable young men from Youngstown, Ohio, who moved to Hollywood and helped re-create it.
Prepare to be amazed at the Warners' world-class chutzpah, and dazzled by the canon of timeless films that bear their name.

(Warner Sisters has an "In Association" credit and Cass was a "Consulting Producer" on this project.)
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sibylla said...

This is a fascinating history. So much accomplishment under duress and financial hardship. Truly a rags to riches story, and everything in between. Can't wait to read the book.